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What are the common misconceptions of medium frequency furnace ramming materials

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The medium frequency furnace ramming material has a wide range of applications, whether it is cast iron, cast steel, cast copper, ductile iron, ironmaking plants, etc. There are many misunderstandings in the use of medium frequency furnace ramming materials. Some people think that white quartz sand should be used as raw material when quartz sand is used as furnace charge, others think that the finer the better, and others say that only powder is needed. These are all formed by a lack of understanding of intermediate frequency furnace ramming materials. Some people always choose fine materials because they feel that the furnace life is good after using them, rather than using relatively coarse materials. This is a misconception. Now, the main demand for quartz sand raw materials is to examine several factors, one is the silicon content, which is also the content of silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide must be above 99%, and the higher the fire resistance, the better. As for the proportion of quartz sand particles, the finer the better or the coarser the better. This should be analyzed in detail. No matter how good the data is, if the furnace is not baked well and the furnace age is the same, it is not suitable for use. So when using it, in addition to purchasing the intermediate frequency furnace ramming material from a suitable manufacturer, it is important to strictly follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when baking the furnace.