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Which is the best efficient instant carburetor

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The instant carburizer believes that most of the petroleum coke produced in China belongs to low sulfur coke, which is mainly used for aluminum smelting and graphite manufacturing. It is also mainly used for making carbon products, such as graphite electrodes and anode arcs, for steelmaking, non-ferrous metals, and aluminum smelting; Produce carbonized silicon products, such as various grinding wheels, sand sheets, sandpaper, etc; Produce commercial calcium carbide for the production of synthetic fibers, acetylene and other products, and can also be used as fuel. However, when used as fuel, a graded impact mill is required for ultra-fine crushing, and coke powder is produced through the JZC-1250 equipment before combustion. The main factories that use coke powder as fuel are glass factories, coal water slurry factories, etc. It is easy to find out who can use the instant carburizer. Another purpose of petroleum coke is to produce higher quality carbon materials after calcination. For example, 3.0% of the sulfur of calcined high sulfur calcined coke can be used as pre baked anode for aluminum, and the low sulfur calcined coke can be used as carburizer. Generally, gray iron and other low requirements are used. petroleum coke can be further processed to obtain graphite fossil oil coke, which is a high-quality carbon material and can be used as carburizer and other purposes.

Efficient and instant carburizing agent believes that carburizing agent can be used as a graphite series inoculant in ductile iron, mainly producing graphite and carbon micro particles. The inoculation effect has a long-term effect, mainly targeting spherical graphite series and limited effect on metal matrix; Therefore, the amount of silicon containing inoculants used for normal inoculation treatment of ductile iron must be ensured and strengthened. Which is the best instant carburetor? It has been found that as long as the inoculation treatment is sufficient for ductile iron, especially for graphite, the inoculation effect is good. The higher the carbon content and carbon equivalent, the more graphite crystal nuclei are formed. The faster the ductile iron grows and the smaller the spherical ratio, the lower the carbon content of the molten iron and crystallized austenite. The carbon content of ferrite ductile iron is generally w (c)=3.5% -4.3%, and the carbon equivalent is CE-4.5% -4.9%. The general principle of value selection is that it is proportional to the wall thickness of the casting (the influence of silicon content should be comprehensively considered).

The selection of efficient and instant carburetor is important when smelting castings, but the method and proportion of use are also important. How to choose a good carburetor and use it correctly is very simple! When using, it is also crucial to choose different particle sizes based on the size of the furnace. Generally, more particles with sizes ranging from 1-5mm are used. When using carburizing agent in cupola smelting, the amount of pig iron charge should be reduced as far as possible. At the same time, the charge should be free of oil and rust, so that the carburizing agent can be used to ensure high carbon equivalent and relatively increase the amount of scrap steel. To demonstrate the graphitization effect, it is necessary to choose a graphitized smelting carburizing agent, which is also a graphitized carburizing agent. Which is the best instant carburizing agent? It has been found that under high temperature melting conditions, carburization can achieve good activity, reflecting the morphology of graphite on the casting, which is beneficial for improving mechanical properties, reducing shrinkage tendency, and improving processing performance. Usually, with the addition of other furnace materials, a plastic bag filled with carburetor is added to the remaining 20 to 40 kilograms of molten iron from the second furnace. When to prepare a carburetor, it is generally required to add 4 kilograms of carburetor for every 100 kilograms of scrap steel added. This ratio is suitable for preparing carburetors.

In the process of efficiently synthesizing cast iron smelting, due to the large amount of scrap added and the low C content in the molten iron, it is necessary to use carburizing agents to increase carbon content. The carbon present in the form of a single substance in the carburetor melts at a temperature of 3727 ℃ and cannot melt at the temperature of molten iron. Therefore, the carbon in the carburetor is mainly dissolved in molten iron through dissolution and diffusion. Which is the best instant carburetor? It was found that when the content of graphite carburetor in molten iron is 2.1%, graphite can be directly dissolved in the molten iron. However, the direct dissolution phenomenon of semi graphitized carburetors is basically non-existent, but over time, carbon gradually diffuses and dissolves in the molten iron. For the carburization of induction furnace melting of cast iron, the carburization rate using crystal graphite is significantly higher than that using semi graphitized carburizing agents.