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How to choose acidic furnace lining materials

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How to choose acidic furnace lining materials

What is an acidic lining material?

The acid furnace lining materials produced by Hongda furnace lining materials are made of high-purity microcrystalline quartz sand sand, powder and fused silica, mixed with high-temperature sintering agent and mineralizer, and the particle size and amount of sintering agent are strictly controlled. Therefore, the acid furnace lining materials produced by Hongda furnace lining materials can obtain dense furnace lining regardless of various knotting methods. This furnace lining material is mainly used for the melting process of gray iron, ductile iron, and carbon steel in foundries, and is suitable for continuous high-temperature environments. It can also be used for the melting of titanium alloys and high-temperature non-ferrous metals.

The selection of acid furnace lining materials should meet the following six characteristics:

1. Firstly, ensure that the acidic furnace lining material has the necessary structural strength at high temperatures and does not produce softening deformation.

2. At high temperatures, the volume must be stable and not cause cracks due to expansion and contraction.

3. When the temperature changes sharply or the heating is uneven, it will not crack or peel off

4. It can resist the chemical erosion of metal solution, slag, furnace gas, etc

5. No slag sticking (or less slag sticking), easy to clean, and maintain the integrity of the furnace lining

6. Acid furnace lining materials have high strength. The reason is that when metal is melted in a coreless furnace, a strong stirring force is generated, and the molten liquid has a strong erosion on the furnace lining. Therefore, it is required that the material of the acidic furnace lining be dense and high-strength in order to withstand erosion and operate safely for a long time.