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What is the price of instant carburetor

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As the name implies, the main component of carbon is carbon, which is used to increase carbon, but the quality of different carbon additives is also different. For example, there are graphite based, calcined petroleum coke based, calcined coal, natural graphite, waste electrode scrap, particle recycling, etc. The main component is carbon. It is very certain that the higher the carbon content, the lower the basic impurities (basic impurities generally refer to ash, volatile matter, etc.), and the sulfur and nitrogen content in the component, The role of sulfur is generally clear to everyone. Containing a certain amount of sulfur in cast iron can better improve the physical properties of castings. In recent years, nitrogen content has also been widely studied. If the nitrogen content is too high, nitrogen pores will occur, and if the nitrogen content is too low, the hardness of castings cannot be improved. There is a lot of ferrite, and generally, the nitrogen content of molten iron is controlled between 80ppm.

Qixian Hongda Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Qixian County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, the birthplace of Jin Shang civilization. It is 10 kilometers away from the Qiao Family Courtyard, with convenient transportation, mountains and rivers, and pleasant scenery. The predecessor of the company has gone through 16 years of ups and downs, and has accumulated rich experience in the production, management, and human resources of furnace lining materials, refractory materials.

The company carries forward the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness, pioneering and enterprising, and professional self-discipline of Shanxi merchants. Through years of trials and tribulations and market tempering, continuous reform and innovation have become a company mainly producing furnace lining materials and unshaped refractory materials.

The company has a registered capital of 5 million yuan and consists of production technology department, product quality inspection department, sales department, raw material department, finance department, etc. It has 26 technical personnel and a sales team of 31 people. The main products include: furnace lining material series (acidic, neutral, alkaline), coil cement, repair materials, ladle materials, furnace nozzles, furnace cover materials, slag removers, carburetors, etc. The technical level and usage effect of the products have reached a high level, and customers come from all over the country.

The company aims to improve the technical level of our country's casting and manufacturing industries by striving for excellence in technology, pursuing qualified product quality, and jointly creating good products. We are willing to cooperate and encourage people with lofty ideals to create brilliance together.